Lincoln County FireSafe Council

Lincoln County FireSafe Council

Helping Lincoln County Montana citizens to mitigate fire hazards on their property
and increase the chance their property will survive a wildfire!

Home Owner Information

Download the Homeowner's Checklist in PDF format.

Survivable Space Home Ignition Zones

Home Ignition Zones
For More Information on Survivable Space contact the Lincoln County FireSafe Council at 406-293-2847 or download the Living with Fire PDF, or go to - Education Material.

Libby Fire Wise Community
5220 Kootenai River Rd - Libby, MT 59923

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Grant Information
2016 Lincoln County Fuel Reduction Grants Available
» Wildlfire Risk Assessment Application

» Landowner's Guide 04-25-12

» Homeowner's Checklist

» Living with Fire