Lincoln County FireSafe Council

Lincoln County FireSafe Council

Helping Lincoln County Montana citizens to mitigate fire hazards on their property
and increase the chance their property will survive a wildfire!

Grant Programs

2016 Lincoln County Fuel Reduction Grants Available

Flathead Economic Policy Center(FEPC) announced that they have received a fuel reduction grant from Lincoln County that will help our residents reduce the fire hazard around their property.  The grant is for $30,000 and can be applied county wide based on priority needs.  These grants are 50/50 grants where the grant will pay 50% of the estimated cost of the treatment.

The selection process starts by having FEPC forester visit the property and do an assessment of the fire hazard.   The treatment priorities include considerations beyond the actual structures themselves.  Treatments that can benefit more than one house or create a fuel break that will allow firefighters an opportunity to stop a fire will become a priority.

Specific information for applying for a grant and the grant information itself is included in FEPC’s Wildfire Risk Assessment Request and Landowners’ Guide to Cost-Share Funding.  This information is included on this site.  Any questions should be addressed to Louis Kuennen in Libby at (406) 293-6451.


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Grant Information
2016 Lincoln County Fuel Reduction Grants Available
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